Communication and Collaboration

Atmospheir - address book that lets your contacts update their own information

Avaamo - secure business messaging

Jixee - simple issue tracking built for developers

Layer - messaging for every mobile and web product

MaestroConference - social conferencing platfrom

nooQ - communication platform that collects and stores knowledge from teams

Pushchamp - design beautiful push notifications

SupportYourApp - outsourced customer support

Updatey - project management software

Finance and Accounting

Invoiced - modern invoicing and subscription billing

Opstarts - Create expert budgets, forecasts, projections, & sales plans without the spreadsheets

ProjectionHub - Financial projections for business plans, loan applications and investors

Rubberstamp - purchase order solutions

Servicejoy - Online invoicing with photos, smileys and text-styling

Trippeo - travel and expense management software

Analytics and Business Intelligence

Cloudcherry - measure customer delight in real time

CustomerLabs - predictive customer analytics for digital marketers

Eureka King - analytics driven smart solutions for publishers

LittleData - faster conversion insights and smarter analytics for decision makers

Liquid - mobile userlife cycle management

Plumb5 - real-time customer analytics

Plumlytics - social media analytics and management

Nexcast - podcasting analytics

Rocketgraph - Buy and sell analytics & reports for the cloud services you use, all in one place

SMhack - social media marketing and analytics

Software Development Services

Clever Maps - mapping applications as a service

Empirical - web, mobile, and cloud development

KodeQ - front-end development

Rockstar Code - mobile, web development and data services

Outerbase - elegant web design solutions

SimpleTiger - premium SEO services

Vertical Services

AcceptOn - secure, optimized, cross-device payment form with no custom code

Aire - new approach to credit scoring

Coach - website, workflow and tools for tutors

CRiskco - credit management platform using big data and credit risk community to identify potential credit risks

Doblet - mobile phone chraging systems

FastFig - Word processor for math

FouA - Connect with friends, family and the greatest people worldwide

IronStamp - share success stories and have verified references vouch for products

Journy - travel recommendations from experts

JustGreet - send handwritten cards online in minutes

Kindly - on-demand advice and therapy - worry-free manufacturing without leaving your browser

Metaphorio - hassle-free video production

Muzeek - booking infrastrucutre for live music

Mypoolin - platform to plan and pay with friends

Novatex Solutions - website analysis and development services

PhotoSpotLand - Connecting people with common passions: travel & photography

PlanReseller - customizable white-labeled portal that allows your partners to resell Recurly subscription plans

Proxyclick - Plan your visits and welcome your guests more efficiently.

Thinkrific - platform to create, market and sell online courses

TrainerWorkout - personal trainer workout builder software

uEvent - event success tool

uSend - smart shipping solution

uVisit - flexible visitor management system